Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Me being MEAN!

scene 1
the superior :  Siti, carikan i supporting ni..
Me : i da copy untuk you on Monday
..... Digging for the document requested.....
Me : this is april journal, this one is March.. supporting is attached to it
the superior : Where? take out for me
......... pretending not hear her instruction..........
the superior : Siti, if i ask you to find it, you must find it... Salah ke?
Me : Yes salah.. dah dua kali kot, i pon da copy siap siap untuk you.. mana you campak...
beliau cari sambil hempas hempas barang.
the superior : i akan bagitau bos, cari 2 kali salah.....
.......pretending not listen to it, continue my work, take my phone, jump to another song...
dalam hati: you tak cakap pon i tau....

scene 2( few minutes after scene 1)
the superior : Alin, i nak tolong tapi x sempat...
the colleague : xpe xpe, i buat sniri..
....... silent, doing her work....
the superior : I bkn x nk tolong, tp ni org x mau sain, blablabla…
the colleague: dah dah dah....i xde complaint apa pun pun…I nak cepat……
the superior : dengar cakap I, ini kerja you, i tolong you tau….
the colleague : i tak mintak you tolong pon.. you nak bising bising ni kenapa.. bla bla bla..
the superior : you dengar la i cakap dlu...
the colleague : dah dah dah…sambil tutup telinga….
the superior left : you tak nak dengar i cakap, i pon tak nak dengar you cakap...
the colleague: tau pun, sekarang ni you rasa la bila org tak nak dengar cakap you….

Me : LOL... emotional x ilang lagi... marah kat sape lagi ni?

Today moral value: kalo cakap elok2 kan senang, xde orang panas ati.. cube la guna perkataan tolong ke, sorry ke... ini tak main terjah je... Kena la time PMS hehe.. terkeluar la bahasa nan indah....
elok la.. PMS versus Meno..

humm talking bout PMS versus Menopause
some information for you :

Common Menstrual Symptons
PMS often includes both physical and emotional symptoms, such as:

Sakit Perut,Kembung,Sembelit, atau cirit birit 
Bloating, cramping and water retention are common before the start of a period. Slight weight gain is also possible, yet usually is only temporary. Bloating usually occurs in the abdomen while swelling occurs in the ankles, hands and feet. Cramping can range from a dull ache to a sharp pain in the lower abdomen.
Ketegangan, lekas marah, perubahan mood, atau mudah menangis
Mood swings are a fairly common symptom before menstruation. Anxiety, irritability and anger can be contributed to an impending period. Women may also experience bouts of sadness and crying.
Masalah kulit
Skin blemishes such as acne and oily skin may start to surface the day before menstruation, and possibly a week before. Some women may also find that their hair is more oily, or alternately some may have unusually dry hair.
Payudara Bengkak
Breast swelling and tenderness may also be present before menstruation. Women may also feel tingling sensations in their breasts, as well as itchiness and a general discomfort.
Selera makan bertambah
Many women will notice a craving for certain foods before their period, and some may have the "munchies." The cravings can range from salty snacks such as chips and peanuts, to sweet snacks such as chocolate.
Keletihan - Sakit otot
Fatigue can come from a multitude of different issues, including stress, weather and medical problems. However, fatigue is a common symptom before menstruation. Some women may experience an inability to sleep before menstruation as well.
Sakit Belakang, Sakit Kepala
Headaches can also be attributed to other factors, but many women experience headaches, from slight to major, before their periods begin. As with other symptoms, the severity of the headache normally lessens as menstruation begins.
Sukar tidur
Kurang tumpuan atau ingatan
Cemas dan Murung

Common Menopause Symptoms

Pertukaran Kitaran Haid
Often the first symptom of impending menopause is a change in the length of your cycle. It may be longer between periods, shorter between periods, or a combination of the two.
Panas badan secara tiba tiba & Berpeluh pada waktu malam
A hot flash is the sensation of “flushing” or a sudden feeling of heat, often accompanied by sweating. When they occur during sleep they are called night sweats. Hot flashes are the menopause symptoms most often mentioned by women. About 75% of women will experience hot flashes as they go through menopause.
Perubahan Mood
As estrogen and progesterone decline, some women describe themselves as “emotional.” They report being more easily triggered into strong emotional responses such as sadness, anger, irritability or delight. Because they see themselves as suddenly unpredictable, women find this unsettling, and are likely to seek help for this symptom.
Sakit Kepala
Both migraine and tension headaches may increase during menopause. Since migraine headaches are vascular in nature, and since the vascular system is more unstable during menopause, migraines can become more frequent and difficult to manage.
Sukar Tidur
Many women report a greater tendency to be wakeful. Sometimes this is due to night sweats and sometimes due to neurological excitability, both of which are more common during menopause. Once awake, they find it difficult to go back to sleep and can suffer from sleep deprivation as a result.
Miss V kering  & Masalah Kencing
This symptom is also one for which women seek help. As estrogen is less available, the walls of the bladder, urethra and vagina become drier and less flexible. This makes the tissue more easily damaged and more prone to infections.
Berat bertambah
Your metabolism will slow with age, and weight gain is common in menopause. The combination of changing patterns of fat deposit, less muscle mass and a slower metabolism can give you a larger abdomen and “flabby” arms and legs that send you off to the gym for help.
Perubahan persepsi dan memori
This symptom, too, is one that is distressing for women. While some loss of memory is normal with aging – especially word retrieval and short term memory – if cognitive changes interfere with your ability to do everyday things it’s a good idea to get them checked by your health care provider.
Some women experience a profound fatigue during the menopause. It is usually temporary and is your body’s adjustment to lower estrogen. If it prevents you from doing your daily activities, or if it lasts more than two months, see a health care provider to rule out other causes of fatigue.
Ghairah berkurang
Many women notice that their sexual desire lessens when they become menopausal. Sometimes this is a temporary response to hormone shifts, sometimes it is a reaction to other things like stressors or difficult life situations. If you notice that you desire sex less often, or don’t seem to enjoy it, and this creates problems in your life or relationships, talk to your doctor or provider about possible treatments.
Serious or Dangerous Menopause Symptoms
See your physician or medical provider if you experience any of the following serious symptoms:
Pendarahan teruk
If you find that your periods are increasingly heavy and that you have to change your super tampon or maxi pad more than once an hour for eight hours, your bleeding may be damaging your health. Heavy bleeding can be a sign of fibroid tumors, uterine polyps or uterine cancer. It can cause you to become anemic and should be evaluated by a medical professional.
Tekanan Darah Tinggi
Check your blood pressure every few months, and if it becomes higher than 140/80 make an appointment to have it evaluated. High blood pressure can put you at risk for heart disease or stroke, and may be a sign of more serious medical problems.
Jantung berdegup lebih kencang
Some occasional heart palpitations or irregular beats can be normal during the time around menopause. But if they are happening frequently, or are accompanied with trouble breathing, fainting, chest pain, anxiety, or nausea they could be signs of heart disease or a heart attack.
Menopause is a time of changing moods and grief over life’s losses. If you are finding yourself sad most of the time, or if you feel hopeless, irritable, have lost pleasure in things you used to enjoy or think about dying or hurting yourself, make an appointment to see whether you are clinically depressed. Some treatments for depression are also effective for other menopausal symptoms.

Other Symptoms of Menopause
Low blood pressure
Ringing in the ears (Tinnitus)
Aching joints and muscles
Bizarre dreams
Hair loss
Burning sensation in mouth
Change in breath odor or “bad taste” in the mouth
Change in body odor
Unusual neurological experiences like “creepy crawly” feelings in the skin, tingling, numbness, itching, “electric shocks”

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jangan pandang remeh "Consumer Right"

Hai readers!
Penantian saya selama selama 3 tahun berakhir dan saya berjaya menegakkan hak saya sebagai pengguna.
Semua nya bermula 29 April 11 selepas segala macam perdebatan dengan staff NYSS diorang masih tak nak bayar balance duit yang dibayar.. so saya log case ke dengan harapan hak saya sebagai pengguna dapat dibela 

1st step :

2nd Step : Cerita la kisah sedih anda disini
Lepas tu diam je. tunggu sampai diorang call. Last Monday 8 May KPDN call, minta saya explain dekat diorang secara detail.. On the phone dengan officer tu dari dalam bilik, turun tangga, jalan ke opis, kat traffic light,  beli bekfast, sambung jalan, punch card, sampai opis...
me : errr cik Azurah, saya da sampai opis ni. ada pape supporting ke saya kena bagi?
kpdn : ye cik, nanti fax resit pembayaran pada saya
me : ok ok...

After Lunch :
Me : Hello
Caller : Assalamualaikum Cik Siti, saya dari KPDN ye, tadi kita dah lawat NYSS kat IOI mall, tapi branch manager on leave, jadi kita dah panjangkan kes ni ke HQ NYSS, ada pihak NYSS call Cik Siti?
Me : umm takde pon lagi...
Caller : Ok takpe nanti saya call Cik Siti lagi.. tutttttttt

9th May 10.00am
Me : Hello
Caller :Assalamualaikum Cik Siti, saya dari KPDN ye.... Ada pihak NYSS call Cik Siti?
Me : belum lagi la..
Caller : Takpe, takpe.. nanti kita follow up

10th May 9.30am
Me : Hello
Caller :Assalamualaikum Cik Siti, saya dari KPDN ye.... Ada pihak NYSS call Cik Siti?
Me : belum lagi la..
Caller : Ok nanti saya call Cik Siti lg.

10th May 3.00pm
Me : Hello
Caller : Hello, is it Miss Siti?
Me : Yes i am.. who's on the line please?
Caller : Miss Siti, i'm Nicole calling from NYSS, regarding your claim,
Me : Yes, any update?
Caller : Yes, the management agree to pay you back, but we have to deduct RM 50 for admin charges RM 134.50 for the product, so the total amount we're going to pay you is RM 415.50.. is it ok with you?
Me : If i say i'm not ok with it???
Caller : This is the best we can do for you, can you come to our office to sign some document so our finance departmet cant issue the cheque for you?
Me : What? Cheque? When can i get the cheque? After i sign the document?
Caller : No, can you give us some time for proccessing the claim.. The cheque will be ready in two months time.
Me : What the.. how long you're going to drag this?? it's been 2 year ++ already..
Caller : Ok ok.. give me 1 month, but you need to come and sign the settlement agreement first
Me : OK... i'll be there before 9pm.

Anda berjaya!!
So sekarang saya perlu tunggu sebulan lagi untuk dapat cheque, tapi saya berjaya mengelak sesi alasan yang segala macam ... yang berlarutan selama 2 tahun..

notes : kepada yang xtau kisah claim ni... click here

BFF Wedding

30th April
Shah Alam ~ KT~ Ajil

Dari Shah Alam bertolak pukul 9.00 pagi dan sampai KT dah pukul 5.30++.. Nora dan Fyda dah sampai dulu dan diorang tengah shopping tudung Fyda.. Lepas tu pegi shopping barang dapur, chocolate ngan bunga hiasan... Kesian cik Fyda.. Tinggal bape jam je lagi.. tapi masih ter kejar kejar ke sana sini... 
Sampai umah Nora kat Ajil pon dah 10++pm.. mandi dan siap2.. Pastu makan.. baru gerak ke rumah Fyda.. Disebabkan saya tak terrer bab hias menghias ni, saya tolong cket je la.. Sorry ye cik Fyda....

1st May,
Ajil ~ KT~ Shah Alam

The day.. 10.00am Fyda dah bertukar status.. Dari cik kepada Puan..
Tahniah sayang!! Cepat cepat dapat baby ye.. Kami nak anak sedara ni... Rupa-rupanya banyak jugak benda nak buat time nikah ye... tengok Fyda lari kesana sini, garu kepala, cekak pinggang dan segala bagai mimik muka... rasa seram la plak.. tapi in the end semuanya berjalan lancar...
Malam dah kena bertolak balik ke Shah Alam, bas Sani Express pukul 10.30, keluar dari Ajil pukul 8.00 so sampai KT pon awal lagi.. Lepak dulu kat McD.. Dan saya accidently terbeli large Mcvalue.. dapat ler gelas coke charcoal.. Da ada satu ni mesti kena kumpul  sampai abes kan kan? 
Saya sampai Shah Alama pukul 5.30...  Macih Cik Nora sebab temankan saya kat McD... Macih Incik BF fetch saya pagi pagi kat stesen bas..

Congratz my dear

the next ... sape ye?
 2nd May !!
Yayy!! cuti lagi... Masa untuk rest lepas travel jauh... Yeayy!!~ Roomate baru dah masuk... Welcome cik Farhana Sabli.. Please make urself at home...

Minggu yang peak

21st April
Its time to remove the stitches! Omaigod.. ada bleeding cket.. but the doc says that is normal phewww....  So skarang kena start pantang makan.. takot nanti lambat baik and berparut.. And  ! my brother called... Congratulation on your newborn baby boy! Mohammad Khairul Ikhwan..
Lepas je remove stitches tros naik LRT dari universiti ke Dang Wangi, Nak collect TGV passes from Nuffnang Office..  Hadiah Bday.. 4 pcs TGV passes
Thanx alot Nuffnang and TGV.. Next year bagi lagi ye!! Tak sia sia usaha saye... maceh maceh.... walaupon mase tu tengah tingtong dengan ubat bius, saket pinggang P pain.. Jumpe gak Opis Nuffnang.
And WOOWWWW!!! Cantik la opis.. Kaler Oreng...

Lepas tu terus patah balik Dang Wangi dan naik LRT ke Taman Melati... Abang Long ambik kat sana, dan tros gerak ke Hospital Besar Selayang... Sempat lepak sana dalam 3 jam, Selesai dalam pukul 9.00 ...
Rush back to Shah Alam sebab esok awal pagi dah nak gerak ke Terengganu...

22nd Apr 11
Shah Alam - Setiu - Jerteh - Setiu

23rd- BFF Engagement

Congratz yang!

Setiu - Jerteh - Marang - Shah Alam

notes : entry ni dah publish on 12 May, tp sebab blogger ade problem entry tiba2 ilang.. republish dengan sedikit kekurangan sebab da malas nk type